Barbie Mc Guire

·Textile Designer · Illustrator ·


Barbie Mc Guire - Textile Designer and Illustrator

My name is Barbara Mc Guire, fashion designer and visual artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I majored in fashion and textile design at the Universidad de Palermo. I worked for several years in the textile industry developing products before going on my own. Though my fascination for art began much earlier. Since I was a little girl, I adored brand new color pencils and drawing in my note books everyday. I still remember my favorite blanket and the fabrics of the dresses that my mother used to make for me and for my dolls. I also remember the beautiful wallpapers of the rooms I used to play in. Many years later, I discovered surface design which magically includes everything I always wanted to do! Drawing, painting and creating are still my favorite games. Nowadays, I believe that textiles are the skin that we choose, not only for ourselves but also for our homes. Textiles make our environment cozy and pleasing. I like sketching with watercolors and markers, then I digitize everything and turn it into patterns. I love my work and I put in it all the lovely things that inspire and surround me. My style? Modern and colorful. Bold but yet feminine and romantic.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, requests or if you’re interested in working together. I'm available for freelance work.

You can find me on Instagram where I post my creative process and all the beautiful things that inspire me.